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Population aging and policy options in the Arab region

The number of older people is growing fast in the Arab Region. According to the UN Population Division, the region’s population aged 60 and older (60+) is going to almost double in 15 years, increasing from 27 million in 2015 to 50 million in 2030, and by 2045, increasing to more than 80 million. 

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State of the World Population Report 2017

UNFPA’s Worlds Apart report calls for actions that lead to a brighter future, where all women govern their own lives, have equal access to sexual and reproductive health care and have the knowledge, skills and power to find gainful employment.

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State of the World Population Report 2016

When a girl reaches age 10, her world changes. A flurry of life-changing events pulls her in many directions. Where she ends up depends on the support she receives and the power she has to shape her own future. In some parts of the world, a 10-year-old girl, on the verge of adolescence, sees limitless possibilities ahead and begins making choices that will influence her education and, later, her work and her life. But in other parts of the world, a 10-year-old girl’s horizons are limited. As she reaches puberty, a formidable combination of relatives, figures in her community, social and cultural norms, institutions and discriminatory laws block her path forward. By age 10, she may be forced to marry. She may be pulled out of school to begin a lifetime of childbearing and servitude to her husband. At 10, she may become property, a commodity that can be bought and sold.

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